Latest Update From British Educational Suppliers Association Details Principles and Values

The latest update from the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) outlines in detail the values with which member associations must operate, citing integrity, transparency and data security to name but a few values and principles defined in the framework. With several updates to the industry over the years and data security featuring in the media on a regular basis this is just one way update outlines BESA’s ambition for organisations to not to allow themselves to fall behind and stay relevant by today’s standards.

We welcome this update to the code of conduct, underlining the principles of BESA and why we are a member. We take our duty of care very seriously and everything we set out to achieve we do so with integrity.

British schools expectations around finance

As a member of BESA for many years we believe in the important part that finance can play in the education sector and we must remain transparent and open in regards to how we work with educational providers to ensure we are still relevant and supporting them in their goal to deliver the best standards or education.
We are dedicated to working in a way that is transparent and helps our partners deliver their great range of products. We want to be seen as an outstanding finance partner by the educational sector and beyond. We work with specialist technology providers to ensure that they are able to offer finance that is appropriate, affordable and serve the interests of the educational institution.

You can find the more information about the code of conduct on the BESA website.

Contact us for more information on how we work with schools and specialist technology providers for education.