Cybercrime is Indiscriminate: All Organisations Potentially Vulnerable

Organisations of all types and sizes, from the biggest to the smallest and from public bodies and charities to businesses are susceptible to cyber-attacks – the world of cybercrime does not discriminate. In our ‘staying ahead of cybersecurity risks’ white paper we explore how businesses can help ensure they are well-prepared.

It was reported last year that more than 20% of UK SMBs were hit by a cyber-attack in 12 months to mid 2017 and whilst the Government’s annual Cyber Security Survey revealed that 46% of businesses said they had identified at least one cyber security breach or attack in the 12 months leading up to the survey it is still very much happening to businesses of all sizes.

Staying ahead of cybersecurity risks

This whitepaper explores the size and cost of the growing challenge of cybersecurity as well as the importance of being proactive and addressing the risks.

Download staying ahead of cybersecurity risks white paper to find out more about:

  • How budgets for cybersecurity are changing
  • The part emerging and scaling technologies are influencing cybersecurity
  • The impact of cybercrime
  • What benefits cybersecurity brings


  • How to make up budget shortfalls

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