The W-League is a great rewards programme, exclusively for vendors and resellers in the Wesleyan Bank Partner Programme.

It works like a sports league table in three tiers:

  • Tier One – Strategic partners
  • Tier Two – Select partners
  • Tier Three – Associate partners

W-League points are awarded throughout the year. The more points you earn, the higher your position in the table. The best-performing individuals and companies rise up the ranks to win prizes!

You can earn points in two ways:

  • Reward points. Every time you complete a sale using finance, you earn W-League points – you can also redeem these points for vouchers at the end of every quarter (depending on your corporate agreement and on meeting a minimum of a cumulative £35,000 volume in finance deals)
  • Boost points. Throughout the year we will run special events and promotions that enable to you earn additional W-League points. These cannot be redeemed for vouchers, but they will help you climb the W-League table and give you a better chance of winning the quarterly and annual prizes!

All leagues launch in January 2015, however you will start accruing points as soon as your registration to the Wesleyan Bank Partner Programme is confirmed.

Please note the W-League is only open to registered members of the Wesleyan Bank Partner Programme. View the full terms and conditions here.