1. General Terms and Conditions of Participation

1.1 The Programme is offered and administered by Wesleyan Bank Ltd (“Wesleyan Bank/Us/We/Our”), a company registered in England under number 2471568 and part of the Wesleyan Group of companies.

1.2 The following are the terms and conditions under which the Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal incorporating the ‘W’ League (together “the Programme”) will be operated by Wesleyan Bank Limited and under which all Participants in the Programme will be bound.

1.3 These terms replace and supersede those for any previous programme offered by Wesleyan Bank including specifically those for Option One. Upon acceptance of these terms, You acknowledge that all previous terms cease to have effect and that only these terms will apply henceforth.

1.4 These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the ‘Agreement for the Use of Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal’ whose acceptance must be acknowledged online by a duly authorised officer of the participating Partner upon entering the Programme.

1.5 These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and notice will be posted online or emailed to all Participants.

1.6 These terms and conditions, the accompanying terms of use for Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal, all participation, all Participants, all finance facilities and associated arrangements, and all other aspects of the Programme, are governed by the laws of England and Wales and all parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

1.7 A person that is not a party to this agreement or the Programme shall have no right to enforce any term of this agreement under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

1.8 By participating in the Programme, Participants confirm that nothing in the Programme contravenes any Participant company policy regarding corporate gifts, hospitality or anti-bribery. Responsibility rests with Participant employees to ensure that they adhere to their employer’s policies and Wesleyan Bank shall not accept any liability for any contravention.

2. Definitions

2.1 The following expressions used throughout these terms shall be interpreted as having the following meanings:

Any supplier, vendor or reseller who is invited and accepted to participate in the Programme and whom derives benefit or reward from the Programme (“You/Your/Participant company”),

An employee or sales representative of any Participant company who uses the Programme tools including Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal and whom receives benefit or reward from the Programme (“Participant employee”),

“Partner Portal”
A secure area of Wesleyan Bank’s website accessible only to Participants and in which the tools and features of the Programme are held.

The Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Programme and all its features, including specifically the ‘W’ League awards scheme and Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal.

“‘W’ League”
The name given to the rewards element of the Programme available to either the Participant company or Participant employee as agreed.

“Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal”
Wesleyan Bank’s Partner Portal proposal platform which Participants will use in order to propose applications for finance facilities to Wesleyan Bank, the use of which is governed by its own terms and conditions.

3. The Programme

3.1 The Programme is a tiered, points-based awards scheme whereby Participant companies agree to work with Wesleyan Bank to offer finance facilities to their customers in return for points, which may later be redeemed for rewards.

3.2 You acknowledge that the finance facilities offered by Us may be provided either directly by Wesleyan Bank or via our panel of finance providers, or in combination.

3.3 You acknowledge that We cannot guarantee the ongoing availability of any finance product, term or price beyond agreement of the specific finance facility being agreed at any point in time.

3.4 You acknowledge that before any Participant employee may join the ‘W’ League and benefit from any rewards, that a duly authorised officer of the Participant company must accept and acknowledge all terms and conditions of both the Programme and Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal.

3.5 You acknowledge that We will assign a programme tier to You on acceptance, in line with the Programme criteria as We may apply from time to time. You agree that the assignment of a tier is a decision for Us alone and that Our decision shall be final.

By agreeing to participate in the Programme You acknowledge and confirm that You agree:

3.6 To offer your customers a ‘payment over time’ option to purchase goods and services from You and when opportunities for finance arise will work with Us exclusively to provide suitable finance options to your customers.

3.7 To encourage Your sales team to introduce Us to customers at an early stage in Your sales process so that we may maximise the finance opportunity for the benefit of You, the customer and Us.

3.8 To use the Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal to load and manage customer finance transactions wherever practical.

3.9 To allow Us access to Your sales team for the purposes of education, training, demonstration, pipeline review, finance promotion, transactional support and marketing collaboration.

3.10 To work with us to devise compelling joint propositions and campaigns in order to maximise the sales opportunities for both parties’ benefit.

3.11 To allow us to use our partnership for the purposes of marketing including PR, any such use to be agreed by You in advance of publication.

3.12 To allow us to create customer testimonials and case studies following the completion of financing transactions used to finance purchases from You.

3.13 To ensure all Participants always act in the best interests of the customer/s.

4. Programme Features

The Programme contains a number of elements designed to help Participants achieve their sales goals using finance as a core part of their proposition. To do this, the Programme features the following:

4.1 An online Partner Portal through which You may access all features of the Programme.

4.2 Access to the Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal, Our online proposal and pricing engine. Secure log-in details will be provided to each Participant sales employee upon individual registration.

4.3 An online modular training programme.

4.4 Appropriate account management support.

4.5 Agreed levels of marketing support and campaign initiatives.

4.6 A points-based rewards programme, the ‘W’ League, whereby points will be awarded per finance agreement in accordance with the volume financed. Points may accrue to the benefit of either the Participant company or the Participant employee but not both, in accordance with the Programme’s tiering criteria as set from time to time.

5. The ‘W’ League

5.1 The ‘W’ League (“WL”) is a tiered, points-based awards scheme whereby Participant companies agree to work with Wesleyan Bank to offer finance facilities to their customers in return for points, which may later be redeemed for rewards.

5.2 WL is only open to approved and accepted Participant companies who, on behalf of itself and all sales employees, agree to all terms and conditions of the Programme.

5.3 Upon acceptance into the Programme, an authorised officer of the Participant company must confirm whether points are to accrue in favour of their sales employees or, if applicable, for the company itself. If Participant employees are to benefit, then each employee must enrol and be formally endorsed by the Participant’s sales management.

5.4 Participation in the Programme constitutes acceptance of all Programme terms and conditions in their entirety and each Participant is solely liable for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided to Wesleyan Bank in relation to this Programme and the Participant’s involvement.

5.5 Participant employees acknowledge and confirm that they are solely responsible for any tax or National Insurance liabilities arising as a consequence of participation in this Programme and Wesleyan Bank gives no advice or assurance nor has any liability in relation to such matters.

5.6 A Participant may choose to withdraw their Participation and that of their employees from the Programme at any time. Notice must be given in writing by an authorised officer of the Participant company and will be deemed effective upon receipt by Us. For the avoidance of doubt, withdrawal from the Programme means simultaneous withdrawal from the points scheme and the ‘W’ League.

5.7 We confirm that any and all personal and sales information provided as a consequence of participating in the Programme will only be used by Us for the purposes of administering the Programme and its associated communications. This information will not be sold, transferred, or used in any other way by Wesleyan Bank.

6. WL Points (“awards”) and Redemptions (“rewards”)

6.1 WL points will be awarded in respect of all eligible, activated finance agreements offered to Us under the terms of the Programme. Points will accumulate immediately post acceptance into the Programme. An agreement is ‘activated’ when all documentary requirements and checks have been satisfactorily concluded and funds have been paid out to the supplier/s of the good and services, which ordinarily, shall be or shall include the Participant.

Points will be awarded in accordance with the following table unless otherwise advised. We reserve the right to award enhanced points linked to promotional campaigns from time to time and such promotions will be advertised on the Partner Portal.

Agreement value (‘volume’) Points attributable
Up to £249,999 0.40% of volume
£250,000 or greater A split rate will be applied of 0.40% of volume for the portion up to £249,999, then 0.20% of volume for the portion above £250,000

6.2 Eligible awards will be credited to the account of the Participant employee and recorded in the ‘W’ League table appropriate to the Participant’s programme tier. By agreeing to participate in the Programme, all Participants agree that they, their names and/or their employers’ may be named in the ‘S’ League tables which will appear for competition and promotional purposes within the Partner Portal.

6.3 Wesleyan Bank will endeavour to ensure that all awards are properly allocated within 4 weeks of the awarded agreement being activated. When allocated, award points will be evident online via the Partner Portal.

6.4 Awards may be redeemed for rewards of an appropriate value as shown on the Partner Portal from time to time. Redemptions may only occur during the quarterly redemption windows being the calendar months of January, April, July and October each year, unless otherwise advised. Mid-season redemptions will not affect a Participant’s position in the WL league tables.

6.5 There is no limit on the number of points that may be accumulated by a Participant nor the number of redemptions he/she may make during the lifetime of their participation in the Programme. However, an individual Participant is limited to one WL prize each WL season.

6.6 No individual Participant will be able to redeem points until they have accumulated awards equating to a minimum £35,000 of agreements in each and every WL season (see 6.9 below). Awards that cannot be redeemed in any WL season because they do not meet the minimum £35,000 agreement value will be forfeit.

6.7 WL points have no equivalent cash value, are strictly non-negotiable and non-transferable and may not be redeemed for anything other than the rewards offered by Us from time to time.

6.8 Sometimes rewards become unavailable for reasons outside of Our control. We reserve the right to substitute these rewards with alternative rewards of a similar nature and value without notice.

6.9 WL points will not be available on short-term loan agreements, i.e. those of less than twenty-five (25) months’ duration. Additionally, awards may not exceed 25% of the finance margin We achieve on an individual agreement. If this occurs we will contact the Participant directly.

6.10 WL points are only valid for one WL season, a season running for a maximum period of twelve (12) months but closing on December 31st each year. At the end of each season’s final redemption window (April), all unredeemed points will expire and each WL tier league tables reset to zero. Valid WL points may be redeemed for up to thirty (30) days after the season ends. For clarity, all unredeemed points will expire after a maximum period of thirteen (13) months.

6.11 In order to redeem accumulated WL points, Participants must remain active in the Programme and not under notice to leave the Programme. Additionally, Participant employees must still be permanently employed by the Participant company that most recently authorised their participation in the Programme and not under notice to terminate their employment.

6.12 A Participant employee is deemed ‘active’ if they have earned WL points within the twelve (12) months immediately prior to the date at which they seek to redeem their points for an award.

6.13 A Participant company is deemed active if at the time at which a Participant seeks to redeem WL points, they are continuing to propose and transact leasing and finance business with Us and is regarded as a fully compliant Programme partner.

6.14 Participant employees who leave their employers will ordinarily forfeit all accumulated WL points. However, we may, at our own discretion, allow the individual Participant to retain and transfer their points if they then accept employment with another accepted Participant company. Where the Participant employee is moving to a company who is not a Participant, then, upon request, Wesleyan Bank may be willing to retain/transfer accumulated WL points if their new employer agrees to become a Participant within the following ninety (90) days. Wesleyan Bank’s decision in all such instances will be final.

7. Programme variation and closure

7.1 Wesleyan Bank reserves the right to add, delete or amend any or all of the terms and conditions of the Programme, or any other aspect of the Programme, or withdraw the Programme in its entirety, at any time, by giving no less than thirty (30) days written notice to the Participant. Any variation to these terms and conditions will be made available online via the Partner Portal.

7.2 Wesleyan Bank may withdraw or terminate the Programme upon no less than ninety (90) days written notice to the Participant/s and the Participant/s will have a further three (3) months to redeem the balance of any WL points after which time any remaining unredeemed points will become void and the Participant’s account will be closed.

7.3 Wesleyan Bank reserves the right to carry out annual reviews with each Participant company and to remove unredeemed points or remove the Participant from the Programme if, in Our opinion, the Participant is not participating with the intended spirit of the Programme and promoting finance amongst its customers.

7.4 Wesleyan Bank will remove any Participant company from the Programme that is deemed to be in breach of the terms and conditions of the Programme, including specifically improper use of the Partner Portal and the correct and proper proposal of finance opportunities. In such event, the Participant and all Participant employees will immediately forfeit any unredeemed WL points, their place in the WL and any pending awards. Wesleyan Bank’s decision will be final in this regard.

8. Confidentiality

8.1 You agree to keep all documents, records and other information relating to Wesleyan Bank, the Programme, and the Wesleyan Bank Vendor Partner Portal safe in your possession and confidential both during and after Participation in the Programme.

8.2 You agree that any secure log-in details, passwords or PIN numbers that are given to you to access or use the Partner Portal,  or any other Wesleyan Bank tool, will not be disclosed by You, any Participant employees or any other employees to any other party, including other non- Programme participants employed by you.

8.3 Both parties agree to maintain confidentiality over all shared information deemed to be confidential by the disclosing party.

8.4 You agree to inform Us immediately if any Participant employee or authorised user leaves your employment.

8.5 If Your participation in the Programme is terminated, you agree to immediately return all records and confidential information to Wesleyan Bank.

8.6 You acknowledge and confirm that we will require to make reasonable disclosures in relation to the confidential information of You and your customers for the purpose of underwriting and securing the necessary finance facilities in respect of proposed transactions.

9. Acknowledgements

9.1 We acknowledge that not all of your customers will wish to finance their acquisition of your products and services and/or that they may not wish to proceed with any offer of finance that may be made by Us.

9.2 You acknowledge that all finance facilities provided and transactions entered into are subject to our standard terms and conditions in force from time to time and that we are not obliged to offer finance to any customer and that all offers of finance are subject to status, transaction structure and completion of appropriate documentation and contracts.

9.3 The parties acknowledge that facilities can be withdrawn at any time by Us if you are in breach of your obligations under any transaction, or the Programme’s terms and conditions above and in the event that the level of business proposed and/or written by us under the Programme is considered by us as being uneconomic to warrant provision of the facilities or the Programme.

9.4 In the event of any dispute in relation to the operation of the Programme, the decision of Wesleyan Bank is final and binding upon the Participant/s.

9.5 Subject to statutory rights, all liability that is not accepted by Wesleyan Bank within these terms and conditions is expressly excluded.

9.6 Any notice required to be given in writing by Wesleyan Bank to Participants may be given by email using the last email address registered with Wesleyan Bank by the Participant under the Programme and any notice will be deemed to have been properly given and received if sent to such email address.

9.7 Enquiries and disputes relating to the Programme may be referred to the Participant’s account manager or forwarded to the ‘W’ League contact centre via:

Email: partnerprogramme@wesleyan.co.uk

Telephone: 0808 123 1990