Manage the Pressures of Integrating Technology into Your Business

Integrating new digital systems and technology into a business can be an onerous journey. Whether it’s a simple software update or a full overhaul of all the company’s hardware, incorporating new technology brings many pressures.

Using our many years of experience working within the IT channel , we know that many IT systems are now more cost effective, however we also know that there is a greater reliance on specialist technology and software. With this in mind we’ve put together a list of our top five tips to relieve the stress of purchasing and implementing new technology. Manage the pressures of integrating technology into your business with these five tips:

importance of planning for technology integration

Once you identify the right tool you need to plan the next steps

  1. Plan Well

The integration of new tech can have surprising rippling effects throughout a business and the bigger the business, the bigger the ripple. Once you’ve identified the product or software you need and you’ve started the ball rolling with costings and purchasing, create a plan for the roll-out of the new system. This gives you the opportunity to identify where any issues may arise and solve the problems before they happen.

new tech requires support

Work out how you will handle support and issues with new tech

  1. Put Support Systems in Place

Many companies will already have a tech support team or personnel in place that are able to help with any issues. However, if this is not the case, it’s well worth considering setting up this new role or team. Alternatively, if developing your own in-house team is out of budget, it may be more cost-effective to arrange 24/7 support services through an IT managed service provider or an outsourced tech centre that provides the right services for your system.

finance solutions for IT

Finance solutions are readily available to support purchase, implementation and on-going support

  1. Source a Finance Partner

Investing large sums of money upfront and compromising on other areas of the business financially should no longer be an issue with specialist IT finance solutions available. Spreading the cost through tailored asset finance solutions can ensure that technology integration is affordable and easy to implement quickly.

staff technology competence

Staff need to be competent working with the new tech

  1. Train Staff and Train Them Again

Before the full integration of new tech, ensure that all staff are trained and feel ready to use the hardware, software or tool. It’s essential for managers to arrange appropriate training for staff before launch but also to facilitate regular follow-up sessions to cover any practical questions or issues found in the first few months after launch. As staff change teams, some leave and new staff arrive it’s always a good idea to set aside some time to offer top-up or refresher training to ensure people stay up-to-date.

technology integration expectations

Integration is more than just roll out – set and actively manage expectations

  1. Set Expectations

New technology integration can bring high hopes for both employers and employees, but it’s important to be realistic with expectations. This goes for both the impact that the changes will have on the business and the ability of staff to adapt. Though minimal, there is always a chance that the new tech may fail or not be as cost-effective as first thought. This is why it is vital for managers to assess the risk and develop contingency plans ahead of time, in order to respond in the best manner promptly.

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