How Can Schools Gain Affordable Access to EdTech?

Wesleyan Bank white paper highlights how schools can gain affordable access to EdTech

From standard classroom aids to specialist equipment and applications that enable greater inclusivity, schools have a fundamental need to keep pace with technology. In preparing next generations for a digital world and workplace, education institutions must overcome barriers to maximise pupils’ learning across all abilities, whilst continuing to attract pupils in an education sector that is increasingly competitive – not just for student populations, but also for funding.

affordable edtech in schools

Although the Government has pledged extra financial support for schools, major shortfalls remain which means educational establishments need to be strategic about how they use, and demonstrate a return on, their budgets. The challenge therefore confronting schools is how to ensure their modest and declining funds can deliver the most value for pupils. This is not an insignificant feat, given the widening array of digital options and the pressure on schools to stay relevant and respond to the way today’s children learn.

Technology can help connect with pupils in ways that teachers ordinarily cannot

While no teacher wants to compete with smart gadgets for pupils’ attention, the ideal scenario schools must work towards is one where technology works hand in hand with traditional teaching – to bring content to life, allow pupils to explore a subject further, or to keep children connected when they can’t be at school or are doing their homework.

Technology can help to make leaning fun too, for instance through ‘gamification’. In more specialist scenarios, newer technology such as virtual reality can bring locations and situations to life in ways that haven’t been possible without experiencing something first hand. The fact that children use technology so readily in their personal lives, and by choice, has resulted in high levels of acceptance as well as a growing expectation to continue this ‘mobile’ experience in school.

Wesleyan Bank’s new white paper, ‘Affordable Access to EdTech’, highlights the latest technology innovation in education as well as new improvements to established teaching tools, and the impact such aids can have.