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Taking a partner-led approach to BI success

Q&A with Tony Bray, Managing Director of Intuitive Business Intelligence

Formed in 2010, UK-based data visualisation software author, Intuitive Business Intelligence, has grown dramatically. The company attributes its success to its innovative software and its partner-led approach, which has been crucial to growing its customer base to almost 500 end users worldwide. We catch-up with Intuitive’s MD, Tony Bray, to find out the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Intuitive’s partnership-led strategy.

Tell me a bit about Intuitive Business Intelligence

“Our dashboard software unites critical business-wide information and displays it in customisable, graphical formats – a single, unified view. In the same way as a car’s dashboard displays key information such as remaining fuel, speed and warning lights, Intuitive Dashboards shows vital business information in simple, easy-to-view formats, delivering a high-level, holistic view of business performance. With vital company-wide insights at their fingertips, users can make faster, more accurate decisions to optimise efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.”

What is your route to market?

“We are purely a channel-based business with almost 100 partners worldwide. These partners comprise value-added resellers (VARs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators (SIs), consulting firms and independent software vendors (ISVs).”

Why did you decide to sell via the channel rather than go direct?

“Selling via the channel is the most effective means of quickly scaling an IT business, however you have to provide your channel partners with exceptional levels of support. Working closely with our partners, we help them to seamlessly integrate our data visualisation software into their core packages. The result – end users have access to vital insights and partners are provided with significant new revenue streams.”

How do you work with your partners to ensure success?

“We employ a rigorous engagement plan which is all about working hand-in-hand with our partners from pre-sales through to after-care.  We enable partners to swiftly develop role-based data visualisations, seamlessly embedded within their own software. End-users can drill-down through these visualisations for more granular detail, as well as drilling-out into the partner’s own software. Using Intuitive Dashboards, our partners can spread the availability of the data beyond its normal users. Our software also empowers end-users to develop their BI strategy to encompass other key application areas and information sources – everything from spreadsheets to data warehouses. Ultimately, by putting a great deal of time and effort into making the relationships work, our partnerships are given the greatest chance of success.”

Will a partnership-led approach continue to shape the company?

“Partnerships are the very core of our business. We have been a channel-based organisation from day one and we now have partners and end-users from across the world with recent signings including International giants such as OpenText. We’re currently signing-up at least one new partner every month and this approach will remain crucial to Intuitive’s strong growth.”

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What Intuitive’s partners are saying…

“In just two years we have developed an additional £0.5 million annual business using Intuitive Dashboards.”

Chris Thompson, Managing Director, ProcessFlows

“The Intuitive partnership has been a great success and we now have over 50 joint customers.   It is one of the most successful of all of our third party vendor relationships.”

Sally Scott, Chief Marketing Officer, Advanced

“We are anticipating that the dashboards will generate strong demand from existing customers, allowing us to extend our reach into our 3,500 strong customer base. Within the next 12 months, we are looking to generate over $0.5 million revenue from Intuitive Dashboards alone.”

Asad Sidiq, Executive VP, Solutions Middle East