Offering finance on the hardware your business sells can be beneficial as many businesses encounter barriers when it comes to acquiring new computer hardware.

What is IT Hardware Finance?

If you’re a hardware supplier, reseller or vendor you’re focused on providing the best range of products and solutions for your clients. We provide a specialist finance solution for IT hardware enabling you to offer your clients finance.

How Does IT Finance Work For Hardware Vendors, Resellers and Suppliers?

Simply put we make full payment to you as soon as we receive signed paperwork from your client. We can collect payment each month from the client.

Why Offer Hardware Finance To Clients?

Finance gives extra options to your clients. We make it easy for you to provide a quote for the monthly cost. With IT finance there is no need for your clients or your own business to put growth plans on hold.

    • Offering finance can also help secure more business: by offering your clients the option to finance their hardware purchase with your organisation.
    • Larger orders are more achievable: your customers are more likely to purchase hardware in bulk knowing that they have the security and convenience of paying the money back over time.
    • Your customers can have greater flexibility: a monthly payment model is designed to suit them
    • Your business receives up front payment: avoiding a short-term cash flow problem for your business.

Working with a specialist IT finance provider means that even if there is a lengthy procurement process or a complex roll-out you can rest assured the cash investment won’t cause any concerns for you or your client as we work with you to build a workable finance solution. This means there’s no need for your clients or your business to put growth plans on hold.
offering customers hardware finance

Finance for Hardware Purchases

Equally if your business needs to acquire new hardware we can help you spread the cost.

We offer finance to help suppliers, vendors and resellers who need to make large hardware purchases too. Helping them to achieve their strategic aims, from additional PCs or mobile devices to setting up a managed service or hosting facility we have got you covered. Effectively manage your budget and cash flow for your organisation by spreading the cost across a time period that works for your business and allows you to include the maintenance and servicing as part of an affordable monthly payment plan.

Financing Hardware with Wesleyan Bank

    • As a business we work with thousands of business customers each year.
    • Relationship with over 300 vendor, reseller and supplier businesses: hundreds of technology providers across UK now choose to offer their clients the option of finance on their products and services through Wesleyan Bank.
    • Experience in providing finance for a variety of businesses sectors: from Education, SMEs and Professions – we have experts with an intimate knowledge of diffeho will work with you to support your deal.
    • We have helped thousands of businesses to invest in new hardware, upgrade their systems and grow their business.
    • Specialist in providing combined solutions: ability to provide one payment solution that includes servicing, installation and maintenance – even training – alongside hardware deals.

IT EQUIPMENT FINANCE HAS INCREASED +3% IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS [Source: Finance and Leasing Association, June 2018]

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