Financing Software as a Service

Moving to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model can offer distinct opportunities and at the same time, present significant practical and financial challenge for your business.

We are experts in helping IT suppliers to make this a reality by allowing you to focus on providing the software and service while we take on the responsibility of administering the payment plan for the customer.

How We Help Providers Finance SaaS Solutions

We pay provider up front

Provider makes SaaS solution available to client

We administer and collect payment from client over time

You get paid up front, the services are delivered over time and your customer pays us according to the agreed schedule. As well as ensuring your cash flow remains even, we remove the need to invest in additional support staff to handle the administrative burden.

With specialist experience in the IT finance industry we understand the fast pace and are able to get you up and running and able to provide finance options in as little as 48 hours. This can be particularly beneficial given the ever- changing environment of the IT sector and are experienced in providing payment over time solutions for IT companies and their clients.

Finance for Software as a Service

Why Choose Finance for SaaS?

Many companies nowadays look for monthly payments or subscriptions as a positive way to better manage cash flow. However, for vendors moving to a model which allows clients to pay monthly can be a complex process and disrupts their regular financial flow.

By providing various finance options, the transition can be eased, contributing to making life easier both for you and your customers.

Financing Software as a Service with Wesleyan Bank

  • Largest finance partner programme of its type: We have the privilege of working with leading businesses across the sector to make software as a service a reality.
  • Partner network of 900+: our ever-growing partner network of over 900 organisations relies on us to help them keep their customers on the latest software versions, reducing software maintenance costs and improving profitability.