IT Support and Maintenance Finance

Training and ongoing IT support and maintenance can be an area where customers seek to cut costs, and yet these important areas are often critical to the success of an implementation and the focus on more of an ongoing relationship between you and your customers.

We understand the importance of these ongoing arrangements and, unlike other finance providers or banks, we are able to provide appropriate finance options because we know that sometimes when your customer looks at a new implementation, support and maintenance are not always in their immediate plans nor the planned budgets.

Finance for IT Support and Maintenance Providers

Why  Offer Finance for Support and Maintenance?

Almost every business will incur these ongoing support costs to run their business, but not everyone will have the funds to immediately pay up front. By providing a payment over time option you give your customers the convenience of making monthly payments whilst you can still think in terms of a year or longer to reach an agreement. We settle your bill, in full, at the outset giving their project the best chance of success and giving you the peace of mind post sale.

Paying for IT Support and Maintenance with Finance

Why Finance For Your Support or Maintenance is Good For Your Customers?

As every company is different so is the demand for training and support services. We often find that small companies struggle to pay these costs particularly as they look to grow and every penny counts, whereas large corporate companies can struggle with paying huge fees in one lump sum despite having good profit margins overall. We work with suppliers and customers to ensure the finance offered is appropriate to the customers’ needs and mutually beneficial.

Funding Support and Maintenance with us

Wesleyan Bank is well equipped to provide finance for a variety of circumstances with our teams having vast experience of working with the IT sector. We can provide finance for IT support and maintenance along with the overall financing of a new software or hardware purchase as required, in one simple agreement.
Thousands of companies rely on outsourced support and maintenance and we work with over 900 IT suppliers, vendors and resellers to deliver fantastic value for money on thousands of  IT projects