The rising need for flexible IT finance

The IT industry has evolved dramatically in recent years, which has completely changed the way we approach business. Technology, including both hardware and software systems, is now at the centre of most companies’ operations and plays a pivotal role in its success.

Nevertheless, IT is a fast-paced market; what is an innovative product one year could be considered old news the next. In order for businesses to keep ahead and stay competitive in their industry, they must be able to utilise the latest, cutting-edge technology.

However many businesses, in particular SMEs, cannot afford to make large, one-off payments that could put a significant strain on their cash flow. They are often constrained by budgets and making heavy upfront costs is not financially feasible. The result of this is a growing need for companies to acquire flexible IT finance, where they are able to pay for new and advanced IT assets over time – and that ‘growing need’ must be satisfied by IT suppliers and resellers.

As the need for flexible IT finance grows, it is important that suppliers enable their customers to make simple payments over time. If suppliers don’t offer this, then they could be potentially missing out on lots of business, in particular from smaller companies unable to make those large, one-off payments.

In the consumer market, paying for devices over time is natural; for instance, paying monthly for your phone, car insurance or gym membership is considered the norm. So, why should this not be the same for the IT sector? Providers of IT hardware and software services need to embrace flexible finance in order to give their customers a more sustainable payment choice. Businesses are just as in need of smoothing over their cash flow as consumers; in some cases more so.

Start converting more customers

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