What are the benefits of leasing IT?

Top technology providers don’t need to just offer the latest technology, infrastructure, networking or software solutions, they also need to be able to provide the best in customer service, too. One of the most effective ways you can help benefit your clients, and for you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors, is by offering IT leasing. So here are our top tips to an IT lease.

Benefits For Technology Suppliers

1. Removing the barriers to sales

The ability to pay up-front, particularly for high-value products, is simply out of reach for many businesses. Particularly start-ups and smaller businesses hoping to grow. Rather than insisting on immediate payment terms, offering a leasing option to your clients may put much more of what you sell within their reach.

2. Offers opportunities to upsell or cross sell

A manageable leasing solution might not just make the product they originally wanted affordable, but you may find that there is the greater potential to sell a more premium package or cross sell addition solutions at the same time.

3. Encourages customer retention

Making your products more affordable is likely to lead to happier customers and a happy customer is more likely to have a better relationship with you and return when they have other IT requirements in the future.

4. You’ll get prompt payment

Once the lease has been arranged and the invoice sent, you’ll get 100 per cent of the sale price, while the finance company handles the lease repayments.

Benefits of Leasing Technology for Customers:

1. Easy monthly budget management

The ability to spread the cost of an IT solution creates a fixed monthly expense that can be much more straightforward for customers to factor into their monthly cash flow, with the added advantage of access to the technology from day one.

2. Keeps alternative credit lines available

Customers will enjoy the fact that they can turn to you as a ‘one-stop shop’ to both fulfil orders and get financing. Plus, they may find this type of financing easier to obtain than a bank loan. Better still, it leaves alternative lines of credit untouched and available for other projects.

3. Staying at the cutting edge

Rather than having to wait until there is money in the budget available for an up-front purchase, businesses will be more able to access the latest technology and IT solutions when they need them, rather than when they have some cash to spare.

4. The opportunity to upgrade

You don’t need us to tell you how quickly things can change and customers may need to upgrade their IT before the term of their lease is up. With the right finance partner, a reseller can build in upgrades and mitigations within the lease to allow their customers to sign a new agreement for the latest equipment or software, often without an increase to their monthly payments.

You might be more comfortable talking servers and software rather than finance terms. Don’t worry – one of our dedicated consultants can talk you through the process and is always available to deal directly with the client. Contact us to find out more.