Financing computer hardware can be a costly investment and difficult decision for a business to make. With IT finance there is no need for your clients or your own business to put growth plans on hold.

We can support the purchasing of hardware on both a large and small scale by providing finance options for your company to make a significant investment or simply to finance as a payment over time option for your clients.

Finance for Hardware Purchases

We offer IT finance to help companies who need to make large hardware purchases in order to achieve their strategic aims, from additional PC’s or mobile devices to setting up a managed service or hosting facility we have got you covered. Effectively manage your budget and cash flow for your organisation by spreading the cost across a time period that works for your business and allows you to include the maintenance and servicing as part of an affordable monthly payment plan.

Want to Offer Your Clients Finance for Hardware Sales?

Secure more business by offering your clients the option to finance their hardware purchase with your organisation. Your customers are more likely to purchase hardware in bulk knowing that they have the security and convenience of paying the money back over time. This ensures that your customers can have the flexibility of a monthly payment model without leaving your business with a short-term cash flow problem.

Financing Hardware with Wesleyan Bank

We work with thousands of business customers in the IT industry through over 300 vendor, reseller and supplier businesses now able to offer their clients the option of finance on their products and services.
With experience in providing finance for a variety of sectors, we have helped thousands of businesses to invest in new hardware, upgrade their systems and grow their business.