Why is Wesleyan Bank’s IT Vendor And Reseller Offering Unique?

The combination of our breadth of offering, sector expertise and intimate relationships with IT businesses leaves us ideally placed to support your IT business dreams. When other lenders deny finance, it’s usually because they don’t see the value in your assets and services, but at Wesleyan Bank we understand these are integral business needs and are of as much value to customers as hardware.

With demand for hardware decreasing and these intangible services becoming ever more crucial, we can provide the right business loans for your company.

Payment Over Time

Successfully overcoming customer objections and resolving them early on can set a great salesperson apart from an average one. Business finance can play a key role in helping IT vendors and resellers to overcome common objections during the sales process.

Customer objections can range from budget restrictions, not being able to justify the purchase and future growth plans all the way to costs being too high.

Our partner programme can enhance your business and transform your sales cycle by enabling you to:

  • Increase Qualified Leads Convert more leads faster and at a higher value and margin by taking the focus away from price during negotiations and turning it towards offsetting cost vs return on investment.
  • Gain New Customers With the cost of switching spread over time rather than paid up front the switching or upgrade of software and hardware becomes more palatable to the end user customer.
  • Close Deals More Quickly By removing the budget objection and providing same day quotes your sales staff are able to focus on closing business, in turn improving efficiency.
  • Provide Business Incentives By providing incentives such as mid term refreshes of technology with little or no increase in monthly costs, we help encourage your customers to stay on the latest versions of software which reduces your overall cost of supporting your customer base
  • Access Additional Benefits Wesleyan Bank now has a history of providing specialist, high-quality services for its IT partners that go above and beyond those of other finance lenders. This includes additional benefits such as tailored marketing support and collateral, access to its partner portal for 24/7 x365 quoting, incentives for completed sales and a range of finance solutions and products that help your business grow.

Wesleyan Bank Finance Options

As well as financing your customers we can also offer business specific finance for your own business including:

  • VAT funding
  • Tax funding
  • Asset purchase

Become a Partner Today

With over many years of experience in the tech finance sector and active relationships with over 350 partners you can be sure that your business is in safe hands with Wesleyan Bank.

Join today and enhance your sales model by signing up to our Partner Programme.