The World’s Richest Tech Moguls

The Rich List of Tech Moguls According to Speed of Growth and Net Worth

Making a success of yourself in the world of tech can be extremely tough. With technology changing so fast the industry is uber-competitiveSo it’s a wonder then that anyone can come up with an idea that is truly innovative and worth investing in and actually has a purpose. In other industries successful companies make millions, but in the tech world it’s all about the billions.

We’ve put together a list of the richest tech moguls in the world, not only to compare their net worth but also to find out who went from start-up to billionaire tycoon the quickest.

Check out our World’s Richest Tech Moguls Infographic below.

Richest tech moguls infographic

Although Bill Gates has been in the lead in terms of highest net worth for quite some time, it may be a surprise to see just how fast some of the newcomers in the tech world are climbing the rich list. In the official Forbes rich list for 2017 you’ll find many of the industry’s super-tycoons and veterans who have been moving up and down the list for the past ten years or more. With mobile technology and social media evolving rapidly, however, younger entrepreneurs are starting to dominate.

With the acquisition of Instagram, social media giant Mark Zuckerberg is now on the heels of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, whilst WhatsApp founder Jan Koum is creeping his way up through the top 20 positions.

As the tech industry continues to change and advance at breakneck speed, it will be exciting to witness just how much changes over the next year in the World’s Richest Tech Mogul list.